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Brytework is a collection of artists and engineers who blend art and technology into useful solutions.

We tackle problems that aren’t simply solved with another mobile app…but solved with a new, creative mobile approach.

Our goal is to achieve impressive feats of digital strength.  At the end of the day, our software hopefully inspires, assists, educates, and motivates those within wifi range and beyond!

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Josh Koerpel (Founder)

Josh is a mobile app developer, a mechanical engineer, and at one time was a captain in the tall ship industry.  He founded Brytework in 2013 with a goal to create high-quality, intuitive mobile solutions for people who get things done.

Learn more at: joshuakoerpel.com

Visual credits to contributors of the Noun Project, including Stephan Lerou, Davide Eucalipto, Gemma Garner, Maurizio Pedrazzoli and Scott Lewis.